Our interactive app turns your traditional menu into a beautifully curated and visually stimulating restaurant menu experience designed to engage and excite your diners.

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What is EatAppMenu?

Welcome to modern menu browsing

EatAppMenu is an exciting and functional mobile app that can be easily accessed at any time and in any location. It effortlessly transforms the traditional printed menu into a richly visual resource specifically designed to highlight your restaurant in the best possible way.

Experience a menu like never before

Take your diners on a visual journey with your visually pleasing curated online menu. Rich, vibrant colours and beautifully plated food enables you to create the perfect narrative about your restaurant's journey and dedication to delicious, quality food.

Find what you need

Use our unique filters to find exactly what you want when you want it.
Decide where to eat based on the restaurant, kitchen type, beverages on offer or even their distance from you.

Eat with your eyes

Once you have decided on a restaurant

Eat with your eyes

Once you have decided on a restaurant, browse through their offerings and enjoy the enticing images that show you exactly what your possibilities are.

Make your selection

Once you have decided on the course you would like to order, simply scroll to view available dishes in that section.

Learn about the dish

Choose your dish and view important information about it such as dish description, allergens and any beverage recommendations from the chef.

Choose a beverage

Selecting beverage recommendations will enable you to see the different kinds of beverages well suited to this meal along with their price. You can easily add them to your order or even read more about them by simply clicking on them.

Finally, enjoy freshly prepared food delivered straight to your table!

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Why Join EatAppMenu?

Transform your traditional menu into a tasteful, digital asset

At the heart of the EatAppMenu platform, we aim to make dish selection an effortless and pleasurable experience. We enable your diners to explore dishes in a way that is informative, exciting and entertaining, allowing your customers to see all of the dishes you have on offer while learning about the history and inspiration behind your food.

By incorporating the use of EatAppMenu in your restaurant, you will automatically create a happier and more relaxed working environment for your waiting staff. Your staff will become a lot more knowledgeable about your dishes and wines since they will have access to EatAppMenu’s easy-to-follow training tools on their own phones where they can learn about dishes, wines and the best wine pairings for your meals.

This will give you peace of mind knowing that your waiters are fully equipped should diners want to discuss meal and beverage options with them.

Show Off Your Menu

Share your beautifully made dishes with the world

Take your diners on a visual journey with your curated online menu. Rich, vibrant colours and beautifully plated food enables you to create the perfect narrative about your restaurant's journey and dedication to delicious, quality food.

At EatAppMenu, we’re strong believers that food is all about passion. We believe that a dish is a result of a vision, a story and a journey, therefore, EatAppMenu allows the chefs and restaurant owners to share the story behind their food in a way that the traditional menu simply cannot do. By having all of your dishes displayed before your diner’s eye, you are bound to inspire them to try new dishes based solely on presentation.

Increase Brand Visibility

Show off your work

Strengthen your brand organically as users share images of your incredible creations across social media, allowing your brand to be seen all over the world. Your customers and diners can easily upload visually pleasing images about your food which allows each dish to stand out the way it's supposed to. An increased brand visibility results in more sales and higher engagement rate with your customers which can all be achieved through an EatAppMenu integration.

Ordering made easy

Choose whether you want your diners to order directly from your waitstaff or from your EatAppMenu. Either way, EatAppMenu was designed to leave you and your staff with more time to get to know your guests, leaving an every-lasting impression on your diners which will be remembered for years to come.

By focusing on making the diners' food selection journey easier and less stressful through your interactive menu, your diners overall restaurant experience will be heightened, therefore increasing the chances of returning diners. Ordering through the app also allows for more efficient customer service where your waiting staff can spend valuable time getting to know your guests as opposed to just taking orders.

Enabling your customer to view and order directly through their mobile phones means that there is a significantly lower chance for dishes to be sent back, wrong orders to be served and greatly reduces ordering errors which enables you to have both higher profit margins and sales.


Partner with us!

To assist you with setting up EatAppMenu for your restaurant, we provide a curated range of marketing materials that you can customize with your graphics and logos.

Adding your restaurant on EatAppMenu is easy

Simply log onto the EatAppMenu portal and enter your sign in details.

Once you’re on the dashboard, click on “add Restaurant” to start adding your establishment.

Add important information such as your restaurant name, address and contact details. You will also choose the kind of restaurant it is and the type of kitchen you have. At this step you will also need to upload your restaurant logo and cover image which can be done in under a minute!

Now that your restaurant is saved, it's time to start adding your dishes to your menu.

Once you have your dishes, you can start adding any extras that you have available at your restaurant. We recommend adding side dishes and adding extras such as sauces, vegetables and breads to name a few.

Once your food items are listed, you can now add your wines. Share beautiful images and important information such as where the wine is from and their description to make your diners experience in choosing them, all the more enjoyable.

Now that your menu is ready, you can go in and take it a step further by adding some exciting information and even pairing your dishes to your wines and beverages.

And there you have it! Your EatAppMenu is live and ready to be seen and used by thousands of diners.