About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to create richly visual, interactive restaurant menu experiences designed to engage your diners.

EatAppMenu is a disruptive technology that challenges traditional menus and gives restaurants and diners an experience of what comes next. It’s new technology but we have built EatAppMenu to have a fully-fledged feature set that elevates business.

Joshua Gofman

Founder / CEO

Personal Philosophy: I love diverse people and I love the world. I hope to continue expanding my understanding and acceptance of our imperfect but beautiful humanity. Our lives are a magnificent gift and a daily surprise.

Martin Wartig

Chief Product Officer

I truly believe in doing more and talking less. I have built and launched so many services successfully that I know that only talking about the possibilities will not bring anything to life. In the last 20 years, I was focused in the field of product and project management.

Krzysztof Litwin

Chief Technology Officer

Building products from scratch is always a fascinating challenge. I like to combine the worlds of technology and business but remember that the human factor must always remain at the center.

Amanda Higgins

Business Development

Food, health, creating and teaching are always subjects which have my full attention. As a chef, photographer and teacher I understand hard work and thrive on creating new ways of linking people with food.