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No matter what kind of food you prefer, there’s no denying that a big part of enjoying a meal is having an incredible sensory experience. So, why rely on text-based menus to help you discover new dishes?

EatAppMenu lets you immerse yourself in everything a restaurant has to offer – and filters out the noise with advanced search functionalities based on your unique preferences and dietary requirements.

Welcome to EatAppMenu,
the modern way of experiencing a restaurant

Whether you’re deciding on which restaurant to try out next or simply looking for a new dish to sample from your favourite eatery, EatAppMenu makes the discovery and ordering process simpler, quicker, more informative, less error-prone, and – best of all – distinctly more enjoyable.

Make the most of your restaurant experience with these exciting, in-app features.
Never look at menus the same again!

Experience the menu like never before! Imagine a visually stimulating digital menu that combines the traditional and familiar menu structure with contemporary elements such as rich imagery, interactive filtering and beautiful stories about the food.

With EatAppMenu’s richly visual, entertaining menu on your mobile phone (and at your fingertips), there is no need to struggle with large, text-heavy, boring, and hard to read traditional menus.

Plus, in light of our new social distancing era, EatAppMenu helps you and your loved one's stay safe since there is no need for you to touch menus or closely interact with wait-staff.

Make dining out with kids a pleasure by allowing them to choose their own meal based on the pictures shown on the app. This not only eliminates the need for you to have to explain various dishes but enables them to feel part of the dining experience. We can see you breathing a sigh of relief already :)

The scrollable grid-view of menu offerings is akin to having all available dishes paraded in front of you. Tapping on any dish-image brings up the underlying information about that dish such as ingredients and allergens.

Each restaurant on the app has a visually pleasing menu with ingredients and allergens clearly stated, helping you make faster decisions when ordering.

Enjoy the chef’s recommendation at your fingertips

You don’t have to be a wine or whiskey expert to discover which beverage is best suited to accompany your desired dish. Gain instant access to food-and-drink pairings as recommended by the head chef of the restaurant you’re visiting – in person or online.

Want something non-alcoholic? EatAppMenu will provide you with non-alcoholic beverage choices to accompany your meals as well.

Order with ease

Make food selection a pleasant and exciting experience

Effortlessly find dishes that suit your lifestyle at the click of a button by using our advanced filters that help you avoid dishes that might contain allergens or ingredients that you don't enjoy - keeping you and your family safe and happy when dining out.

Never worry about ordering a meal that might contain ingredients that are out of stock. EatAppMenu will only show you the dishes that are available and ready to order, saving you time and keeping you satisfied!

Celebrate a holiday or special occasion like Valentines Day or Mother’s Day at the restaurant of your choice based on menu plans and meals that are on offer for that special day.

Smooth service

Be in control with ordering

We know that all of the waiting time in restaurants can get quite frustrating. With EatAppMenu, there is no need to wait for your order to be taken. Simply browse through your chosen restaurant's beautiful online menu and order directly through the app or with your waiter.

When using EatAppMenu to choose your meal, you can minimise ordering problems caused by language barriers, confusion, and lack of understanding of meals, especially if you are trying a new restaurant.

All the necessary information about dishes are listed on the app so that waiting staff will no longer struggle to answer difficult questions about preparation and allergens, making room for faster and more efficient service.

No more waving your hand around for the bill. Have the option to pay your bill directly via EatAppMenu through Snapscan or PayFast.

The app that works for you

Set filters that work for your lifestyle, thereby eliminating any types of foods that you cannot eat.

Choose between a myriad of options such as vegan, vegetarian, halaal or simply just search through all the restaurants on offer to find exactly what you’re craving.

An app that connects the world through food

Share your favourite food with the world

EatAppMenu is accessible all over the world, making it a great choice to use when planning a trip to a new city or even even a big vacation. Browse through the restaurants and food on offer and save them as part of your itinerary.

Inspire others to try the dishes you love by sharing images of your favourite meal directly from EatAppMenu. Post your recommendations on social media or send them to loved ones.


More delightful dining experiences are just a few taps away.

Download EatAppMenu on your mobile phone from the Google Play or App Store and revolutionize the way you look at menus. Forever.