Experience the menu like never before

Kick start your restaurant with these forward-thinking features

Never look at menus the same again!

Create a visually striking menu that becomes a key part of the dining experience in your restaurant.

By creating an exciting and drool-worthy online menu for your restaurant, diners are bound to make the best choice when placing their orders.

Promote your specials and highlight your most popular dishes at the click of a button.

Suggest wines or beverages to accompany the meals on your menu.

The scrollable grid-view of all menu offerings is akin to having your dishes paraded in front of your diners. Tapping on any dish-image brings up the underlying information about that dish.

Share your passion

Let your food stand out

Allow your dishes to stand out the way you intended them to, highlighting presentation and key ingredients in each shot.

Entice your customers with styled shots of your dishes.

Create beautifully curated and interactive menus that allow your food to take centre stage.

Highlight your most popular dishes by allowing them to appear more often on your restaurant's EatAppMenu.

Easily show how each dish is served, its ingredients and portion size which helps save time when ordering and eliminates a lot of the guesswork for your diners.

Make it simple

Make food selection a pleasant and exciting experience

Enable your guests to effortlessly find dishes that suit their lifestyle at the click of a button.

Easily tag the dishes with allergens on your menu to keep your diners safe and avoid ordering meals they might be allergic to.

Highlight your brand

Show off your restaurant

Leave an ever-lasting impression in your diners minds by tailoring your EatAppMenu to work in perfect harmony with your restaurant.

By having full control over your brand page, you can edit the visual representation of your brand on EatAppMenu.

Promote other restaurants affiliated with you through corporate ownership.

Strengthen your brands reputation and awareness organically as users share your food on social media.

Smooth service

Let EatAppMenu become your in-house sommelier

Increase your restaurant's popularity by letting EatAppMenu do all of the work while you and your waiting staff build important and deep connections and relationships with your diners.

Minimise ordering problems caused by language barriers, confusion and lack of understanding of meals by having diners order directly from the app.

A pleasing visual menu with ingredients and allergens clearly stated enables guests to make faster decisions when ordering as opposed to using text-heavy traditional menus.

By having all the necessary information about dishes listed, waiting staff will no longer need to answer difficult questions about preparation and allergens, making room for faster and more efficient service.

Offer your guests the choice to pay their bill directly from the app via Snapscan or PayFast, saving you both paper and printing costs.

Smart menu

Show off your menu

Use your menu on EatAppMenu to promote slow-selling dishes or overstocked items, increasing revenue and interest in dishes with ease.

Create a custom menu within minutes designed around a special occasion that you would like diners to celebrate at your restaurant. Pick and choose from your existing dishes and add them into your custom menu to efficiently create a new, exciting menu offering.

Keep customers happy by temporarily hiding out-of-stock dishes or menu items that contain ingredients that are out-of-stock to prevent disappointment when ordering.

Update and promote your menu and dishes instantly, therefore leaving no delays when it comes to updating out-of-stock items.

The app has an Instagram-like appearance where dishes are shown to diners as if they are being paraded right before them. This easy view and search function enables guests to order dishes that they will certainly enjoy.

Put your best bottle forward

Let EatAppMenu be your personal wine expert

Easily offer the best-suited beverage for the dishes that your diners order, enhancing your diners all-round experience of your restaurant.

Make it easy for your diner to choose an accompanying beverage since EatAppMenu provides extensive information on all of your wines and beverages.

Increase diner's satisfaction with the food by pairing the correct wines with your dishes.

Effortlessly sell the best-suited beverages (cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks) for a given dish. This will increase the diner's satisfaction with the taste of the dish since their food experience will be enhanced.

In-app training for your wait-staff

Training without the hassle

Take advantage of our easily put together in-app training guide to help your waitstaff learn about meals with ease.

Waitstaff are enabled to learn about each dish, their allergens and how the final product should look without compromising on customer service.

An app that connects the world through food

Show your dishes off to the world

EatAppMenu not only works when diners are in your restaurant but also helps them to decide on what to eat when they are at home.

EatAppMenu is accessible all over the world, making it a great choice to use when potential diners are planning their next vacation, highlighting your restaurant as a “must visit”.

EatAppMenu enables diners to easily order-in from home or even while they are on their way to your restaurant.